5 Hiring Strategies to Hire Right

The S.C.A.L.E. Formula®

Fact: Building an alliance of strong and talented team members is about asking hiring right, and there is a proven formula that I have been practicing and refining over the past 30 years.  To make the big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise, you need a roadmap.  And, this is why I developed my S.C.A.L.E. Formula® that I have used to build many of my companies and in coaching thousands of business owners.

Hi, it’s Allison.  I am a 10-time entrepreneur, and I want to give you the roadmap to S.C.A.L.E. To reach your pinnacle and elevate toward 7-figure enterprise success, you need to learn to scale. Scaling basically means replicating your impact and talents beyond yourself, so that you can reach a much larger market and expand your revenue. Let’s take the next step by building an alliance, so you can align yourself with a strong and talented team you love to be around.  Here are my 5 hiring strategies to hire right.

The 5 Elements of my S.C.A.L.E Formula® are: 1. Strategic Vision 2. Cash flow 3. Alliance of your team 4. Leadership and 5. Executing Your Plan. In this post, I cover part 3, building a strong and talented team, or what I call, Your Alliance.

The Big Shift

Make the shift from the right hiring strategies to making the right hire with my S.C.A.L.E Formula®.  And, there is a shift from a group of employees, and an alliance of strong and talented team members.  Make the big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise.  If you desire a team you love to be around, then your hiring strategies need to follow suit.

In my time as a business owner, I haven’t always hired right.

Silver Lining: Honesty is the best policy to set and fulfill expectations

How do you measure creative thinking, innovation and resilience?  I can tell you right now that it isn’t with traditional interview methods or tired hiring strategies.  And, there are dangers to hiring all the wrong employees – wasted time, unfinished projects, team disruptions, confused clients and the list goes on and on.  The roadmap is laid out in front of you, but first you need 5 hiring strategies to hire right.

How to Hire Right

Before we get into the specifics, let’s start at the beginning and set a baseline.  What hiring strategies should you avoid?  The goal is to avoid hiring all the wrong employees and hire all of the right ones instead.  And, before you know it, you will be well on your way to building an alliance.

  1. Interview More than 1X.  It is standard protocol.  The bottom line to scaling your business, and building a strong and talented team to do it, is to interview more than once.  I believe in a combination phone, face-to-face, group and follow up interviews.  First impressions mean a lot, but they are not everything.  Hire right, after more than one interview!
  2. Check References.  What’s a resume?  A piece of paper, short-hand list of qualifications and carefully crafted job history.  It serves a purpose, but it should not be the end all be all for how a candidate measures up.  Scale your business by scaling up the reference check.  Not everyone will have something fantastic to say, or say the same thing at all, but a pattern will emerge.  Is this the right hire for you?
  3. Do not Settle.  As an entrepreneur, did you ever settle for just wanting a job?  No – so do not settle for someone who just wants a job.  It takes passion to scale your business.  Hire right by building an alliance, a team of creative thinking, innovative and resilient players! 

5 Hiring Strategies to Hire Right

The S.C.A.L.E Formula® – Step #3: Build an Alliance.  Just like the thousands of entrepreneurs that I have worked with, you need to hire right.  Build a strong and talented team you love to be around.  Shift your hiring strategies, get honest with yourself and the team you hire.  If you do, you will make the shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise.  Here are 5 hiring strategies to hire right.

  1. Hire on Fact. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.  We are not looking for the perfect employee (a mythical creature at best), but for workhorses.  If you take control you will end up building a strong and talented team you to be around, instead of hiring all the wrong employees.  One of the most important hiring strategies to make the big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise is to hire based on fact over fiction.

The dream is to hire someone that is doesn’t just put the work in, but also gets the work done!  The right hire is an employee that fits right into your team, an alliance persistent in chasing results.  Because, at the end of the day, who you hire is an extension of you.  If you are ready to scale your business, then you are looking to hire right.  Hiring strategy number one is to check their track record for the facts.

  1. Hire with a Memorable Job Description. And, scale up to hiring success!  As an entrepreneur, your daily practice is marketing yourself.  You walk the walk when it comes to a dynamic relationship between passion and career success.  To make the big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise, it only makes sense that a new hire should meet and exceed those standards.  Be specific, be clear, be detailed when it comes to what you are looking for, and the job description will write itself.

What makes your business so successful?  What fantastic opportunities does this position afford?  Think key ingredients, think memorable.  Work backwards when tackling hiring strategies as a business owner looking to scale your business and hire right.  It starts with crafting a job description that stands out from the pack, when building a strong and talented team you love to be around.

What has worked for me, in building 10 successful business, is to be honest from the start.  You will be glad you did.  There is nothing more difficult than changing the name of the game and correcting the course down the line.  Define your culture, inspire an alliance and see a change in the team that steps forward to scale up.  Your ability to excite the right hire will make for a perfect match!

  1. Hire via a Hiring Process. Systems are formulas for success.  And, my S.C.A.L.E. formula is about systems.  Don’t check your systems at the door when it comes to your hiring strategies.  The same rules apply.  The simplest and most straight forward hiring strategy for small business owners is to be disciplined.

You are building a strong and talented team – an alliance.  What that means is that creative people are the answer.  What that doesn’t mean is that you don’t need systems in place to hire right.  You will end up hiring all the wrong employees without a hiring process.  It is absolutely necessary to structure your interview process, in order to walk away with consistent data points.

To make an informed decision and hire right, you need the right setup.  Decide what that looks like for you, then be consistent.  In my experience, a group interview is the ideal model to incorporate all of the best hiring strategies, and make the big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise.  For many of the entrepreneurs that I work with, there is no better way to test the waters and scale your business.  What you discover will be invaluable insight!

  1. Hire after Vetting your Future.  And, do your due diligence.  This is what happens before and after the interviews.  When you’re looking for that a strong and talented team, an alliance to scale your business, checking work history, contacting references and confirming your gut feeling about a new hire is a must.

The best hiring strategies require a shift in thinking.  Ask yourself these important questions:

  • Change is constant.  Would they agree?
  • Taking the right risks can equal success.  Can they convert those risks?
  • I know what they are capable of.  Will they perform?

And, sometimes hiring a known quantity is best.  Or, other times a new set of attributes brings new life to the game.  It is all in how you answer these questions and vet your future with onboarding a new hire.  If you do, you will avoid hiring all the wrong employees.

  1. Hire with Honesty. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today, a leading entrepreneur and successful business owner for over three decades, without this one strategy.  You cannot build (let alone hire) an alliance of great team members without first getting honest without yourself and your employees.  The best hiring strategies to hire right are the ones that start with you.
  • What culture do you want to nurture? 

Not just the idyllic picture, but the real goals for your business.

  • What are the challenges of the position?

Not just the obvious perks, but the gaps that open doors for solutions.

  • What are the breakthrough opportunities?

Not just the traditional limits, but the exponential scale for growth.

Think of this as the interview before the interview.  Keep your trade secrets secret, but if you are not clear on what it will take to get the job done, then how can you hire right?  The answer is that it’s not possible.  The most important interview is the one with yourself.  With that kind of clarity, you will build a strong and talented team you love to be around.  Say goodbye to hiring all of the wrong employees and say hello to hiring an alliance to scale your business!

Take the Next Step

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but there is a proven formula to scale your business.  And, the roadmap to get there is my S.C.A.L.E. formula.   Step into step into results, step into leadership and step into a CEO success network.  And, enjoy the benefits of building an alliance, a strong and talented team you love to be around.  Bottom line: If you hire right, you will transform your business! 

Making the big shift from entrepreneur to 7-figure enterprise requires a breakthrough.  Step into the inner circle with me!  And, the next step is knowing how to hire right.  At the end of the road awaits a CEO success network full of influencers, movers and shakers, and valuable connections that have all followed this exact roadmap.  It’s time to experience your next breakthrough!

The Big Shift: The CEO Success Network

As you begin to scale your business, you are shifting from entrepreneur to leader, building a strong company culture and loyal customer following that cannot help but refer you to all their friends. You face the challenges of letting some people go that cannot grow with you, while taking bigger risks than ever before. You find yourself getting better at making unpopular decisions. Yet, you are ready to inspire your team with something beyond money and profit.

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