4 Tips to Influential Connections for Your Business

The Power of Referrals: How to Generate Qualified Leads for your Business

Have you ever attended a networking event and left feeling empty handed? You leave with a tired sales pitch, depleted stack of business cards and your go-getter attitude exhausted. Reality Check: None of your networking will reward or profit you if you think of just yourself and your business. If you want to learn how to generate leads for your business, then you have to learn how to build relationships.

We are always on the lookout for the next referral, the next lead, the next sale. But, more often than not, we struggle with how to actually generate qualified leads and referrals for our business. Referrals result from relationships. In fact, relationships are the key to unlocking the power of referrals, the kind of referrals that lead to exponential growth. Do you want to be on the path to massive results? I have your roadmap for how to generate leads for your business.

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4 Steps: How to Generate Qualified Leads for your Business

Yes, generating qualified leads for your business means networking. But, networking does not always lead to generating qualified leads. The two are not always synonymous. You have to network right when you are a small business owner. How do you network right while building relationships? I have walked the walk, and I want to share my roadmap with you. Here are 4 steps to generate qualified leads for your business and unlock the power of referrals.

  1. Connect with Influencers.

It is not about how many Facebook friends, Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections you have. It is about developing quality relationships, online and offline.  The power of referrals starts at the top with connecting yourself with influencers. And, in case you were wondering, there is a correct way to find and engage influencers.

The search for how to generate qualified leads for your business begins with building relationships with influencers within your industry. Just keep in mind that influencers are highly influential people with a loyal following, so tread lightly and build relationships genuinely. Your ticket to an influencer’s inner circle, and the opportunity to connect with a network of influential people, is respect.

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Bottom Line: It is about the relationship. Think about an industry leader. What comes to mind? Respect, trust, authenticity – all important ingredients for a powerful relationship. An influencer goes above and beyond to create value for the people around them. A relationship is a mutual exchange. Do not lead with a pitch. If you want to generate leads for your business, lead with gratitude, insight or an invitation. Go above and beyond to open the door, share your value and unlock the power of referrals!

  1. Connect with People, not Transactions.

It’s not all about you. You are connecting with people, not crunching sales numbers. ‘Networking’ and asking for referrals may be on its way out. But, don’t stop networking, just start networking right! Dedicate yourself to establishing solid connections and nurturing genuine relationships that you can return to time and time again – that is the power of referrals!

A person is so much more than meets the eye. And, a business is so much more than sales. Be interested in the people you wish to connect with – their life, their business, their offering, their problems. Ask them, “How can I help you grow your business? What kind of leads are you looking for so I can keep an eye out for you?” I guarantee that you will find yourself connecting your value with they have to offer.

It’s a match made in heaven when you network right. Put less effort towards being interesting, and instead be interested in people. Build relationships and the power of referrals will come. There is no better lesson in how to generate leads for your business.

  1. Connect with Value, above all else.

Give value without expecting anything in return. The #1 mistake when unlocking the power of referrals is focusing on selling someone, rather than offering a helping hand first. Generating qualified leads for your business is about value, above all else. If everyone focused on who they could help, as opposed to who they could sell to, imagine the relationships that would be forged!

We would see more relationships bred out of mutual business and shared passion that’s for sure. Step #1: Get engaged and listen; Step #2: Share insight with your expertise; Step #3: Offer help without promising the world. If you under-promise and over-deliver on that promise, you will have built a rewarding and profitable relationship. And, the long-term value of that relationship can be nurtured far into the future – with that intention and this business strategy. 

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  1. Connect with Opportunities that you Create.

Build credibility by acting the part of a leader. Once you find the right network, now it’s time to create opportunities for yourself to generate leads for your business. My best advice to start is to stoke the fire when it comes to the power of referrals! And the best way to do that is to take on a leadership role in a group that you belong to.

I have more than 3 decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur. And, I have built my reputation and business by sharing my passion through relationships and networking. I have held countless leadership positions, and I have experienced the rewards and profits of giving back in this way. Trust me – it’s worth it!

Not only does acting the part of a leader build your credibility, but it exponentially increases your exposure to the right network. Engaging with a group you belong to is not a promise of referrals. Set your intention from the beginning – you want to give back and invest in future business. The power of referrals is giving before receiving, and acting selflessly before acting selfishly. Take on the practice of being a leader, and I promise that you learn how to generate qualified referrals for your business. 

Unlock the Power of Referrals

The roadmap is laid out in front of you. Follow in my footsteps, and I not only guarantee you will unlock the power of referrals, but you will lock down how to generate qualified leads for your business. I have worked with thousands of business owners just like you.

As entrepreneurs, at the heart of it, we are fit to play the part of perpetual student, giving peer and mastermind leader. It comes naturally, because beyond the competition is a shared entrepreneurial spirit. And, with that spirit passion goes hand-in-hand with a desire to create value for those around us. My best advice is to focus on your relationships with people. The referrals, the leads and the sales will come. Go out and seize the opportunity!

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