10 Unconventional New Year’s Tips for a Successful Business

So you can Blast Off to Success in your Business and Life All Year Long!

1.  Start drinking. The creative juices, that is. Guess what? Digital media isn’t going anywhere. To get the most from your online campaigns and viral efforts,
you better spike that drink with some inspiring liquids because your potential clients are asking for your wisdom and expertise.

2. Expand your belt. People continually battle their ever-expanding waistlines, starting fitness regimens that often fizzle in a week. Yet, when it comes to growing your business, its smart to work on expanding your tool belt on a regular basis. The business market is changing rapidly so it is crucial to stay on top of what’s new, what’s hot, what’s working and what’s not.

3. Light up. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Add public relations to your mix to keep things hot, hot. Once the heat cools down, it’s hard to sustain momentum and word-of-mouth about anything. Knowing when and how to keep the fire going will keep you business simmering and glimmering all year long.

4. Spend. Spend. Spend. Time, that is…Spend time mapping out your goals and your plan for next year. The more deliberate you are toward your Big Picture Vision, the more successful your year will be.

5. Jump off the ledge. To be successful in business, or in anything for that matter, you must jump in with both feet. Go for it full-on! Testing the waters means you are halfway in and halfway out, which won’t get you very far.  To be successful you need to be 100% committed.

6. Stop being selfish. If you have an idea inside of you, the world is waiting for its debut.  Your special gifts, passions, and talents are your keys to abundance and the powerful remedy that many others need from you. If you are keeping your gifts to yourself, then those that need you, your products and services are missing out.

7. Dump your bucket. Start creating and living your Bucket List now. Don’t wait until you are at death’s door. Your life is what you make of it right now, not in the future. Make a list of all the things you want to do during your lifetime, and check the first one off the list in January. No time like the present!

8. Let go. Did you know that hanging on takes much more effort and energy than letting go? Staying angry or resentful at past grievances will keep you lingering in the past. To move forward and make this year your best ever, write a letter stating what you want to release from your past. Also, write what lessons you have learned from this experience and what positive twist you can take from it to feel lighter into the New Year.  Do a visualization meditation of these old feelings dissolving into thin air. (I recommend burning or shredding the letter to release this old energy completely.)

9. Spend five FEWER minutes each day worrying about your burdens. Worrying is a senseless activity and a complete waste of your energy. It changes NOTHING.

10. Get Gracious. Nothing will change your mood and outlook like taking a moment to close your eyes and inhale all the beautiful qualities of your life. (loved ones, opportunities, fulfilling business, memories, connections, experiences..) ‘Get Gracious’ as much as possible, and then pay it forward. It will come back to you 100 fold.

There is absolutely no comparison between trying to create success on your own, and having a powerful mentor guiding you all along the way. I have built 9 very successful businesses that have been completely fulfilling and made a dramatic life-altering difference in people’s lives. I live my true calling every single day and I love it. And, I could not have done it without the amazing mentors in my life.